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We ensure your house and or pets are well kept and happy while you are away

Don’t worry about break-ins, lonely or anxious pets, plants dying, car batteries dying, enim ad minima veniam, quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam, nisi ut aliquid ex ea commodi consequatu. 


Keep your house secure with someone there overnight, curtains opened/closed, bins in/out, mail not building up


All the befits of housesitting with addition of your pets being cared for, keeping them as much as possible to their usual routine


Only need someone to pop in once/twice a day to feed cat and make surer everything is in order

Why Choose House Sitting Ireland?

We closed during Covid and are currently unsure what the future is for House Sitting Ireland

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Houses Sat
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About Us

What are the benefits of a house and pet sitter

You don't need pets to get a house sitter, having some stay has lots of pluses besides your furry ones.

  • Your pets stay in their own home
  • No dropping/picking them up from kennels/cattery
  • Closer to their usual routine
  • Activity in your home so safer from burglary
  • Your plants get watered
  • Keep car batteries turned over
  • Bins in/out, mail not collecting


While we are currently closed to bookings, feel free to pop us any questions you might have about house or pet sitting, whether you want to know something about getting a sitter or becoming one.


    Shay is just great! Twice I called him with a very short notice, but he was cool with it. I have 3 cats and it’s not easy to take care of them, but he’s great with them anyway. Totally recommend him!

    3 cats: Patti, Gilo, Tomino

    Jessie loves her walks with Shay and gets excited when she sees his car arrive because she knows she is going down the beach for a swim.

    Black Lab

    We had never used a house sitting service. Understandably, we were somewhat nervous about trusting our home and our two cats Oscar and Fluffy to someone who we did not know. However, from the moment we met Shay we were instantly put at ease. Shay is such a warm, sound, and responsible man. You can tell he truly loves animals by the way he interacts and speaks about them. We were really impressed with his service. Shay gave us timely updates on how our cats were doing (with pictures) which really put us at ease and allowed us to have a stress free holiday. Our home was left in immaculate condition and our cats were so happy and healthy when we returned. Shay was even able to effortlessly manage a mini crisis in our absence when an Amazon delivery jammed our main door preventing entry. He found a way to remove the obstruction and consequently ensure the safety and welfare of our cats. Honestly, we could not recommend his service more highly.

    Donal & Shirley
    Oscar & Fluffy the cats

    Shay has looked after Kiko for all our holidays, winter or summer, for the past four years. I cannot recommend him enough. Kiko just loves him, and Shay is very security conscious so I have total peace of mind that both the (much loved) dog and house are 100% in great hands. I trust him implicitly; the house is spotless when we get home and he even mows the lawn!!! Happy to give a reference if anyone would like one.

    Frank & Claire
    Kiko the Cockapoo

    Shay was really good looking after our little zoo. He managed to befriend the cats quickly and even administer ear drops; litter box was cleaned regularly too. On top of that, it was clear that he actually spent some time with them – playing and letting them out in the sun. Finding the fluffballs happy was absolutely invaluable. Wholeheartedly recommend!

    Fibonacci, Harley the cats & Lello the budgie