Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your animals cared for in their own home, which means less stress for them
    • Not having to drop them and collect them from kennels
  • Your home having someone in it overnight and taking care of it which means less chance of a break-in
    • Lights on in the evening
    • Curtains closed at night and opened in morning
    • Bins in and out
    • Mail not collecting in the hallway
    • Watered plants
    • If needed, your cars started so you don't come home to a dead battery
I will care for your pets, give them runs, feed them at their regular times, make sure their water is topped up and of course lots of attention and cuddles. I stay the night in your home giving it added security. Your pets will get a morning walk, an evening walk and a bed time walk. Put the bins in/out, air the house, water the plants and if you are away for a long period I may even mow your lawn! If you have any questions at all please get in touch.
I usually arrive shortly after your departure and get settled with your pets. And I usually leave a couple of hours before your return. Of course both of these can be agreed on prior to you making a booking. During the day, some days I will be there for the whole day, others I usually come and go throughout the day, but your home will never be empty over night.
I will treat your pets as if they are my own: they will be kept to their usual schedule, and while of course they will miss you, it won't be as stressful or impersonal as staying in kennels and they'll be able to enjoy everything they are used to. Your home will be left just as you left it. I'm a non-smoker, non-drinker and vegetarian. Many people kindly offer to leave groceries but that is up to you, it is not expected. If you don't have a cleaner come in, your home will be hoovered and kept in order for your return. If I am leaving before your return your home will be left with curtains closed and lights on (if it’s at night of course!). If you would like some groceries left for your return, you can leave payment separately for this, and I will be more than happy to get them for you.
I like to make as little impact as possible, so on your return it will be like you never left. Going through the list below will help with that. It is best to go through these things and these questions will be emailed/downloadable prior to a 'Meet and Greet'. The Pets
  • Your animals names 🙂
  • If there are certain areas where your pet doesn't like to be petted
  • For walks, how is/are your dog(s) with other people and dogs
  • What and when your animals usually eat
  • Where the food is kept
  • Where the cat litter is kept (and litter box utensils; shovel, deodorant etc.)
  • Where your pets like to be during the day and where they sleep at night
  • If your garden is totally enclosed, or if the sitter always needs to be in the garden with them
  • Are the animals allowed in the garden at all - is your cat an indoor or outdoor cat
  • In case of emergency details of your vet, and the process for choosing whether to take pet to vet or not (i.e. owner will be contacted first)
The House
  • Your sitter will of course need a key
  • If the sitter isn't staying until your return, are keys to be left hidden on site, or returned at a later date
  • Alarm codes: the code to turn the alarm off, and codes to set the house while the sitter is not there, and whether there is a code at night
  • Your sitter will look after the house while you are away, opening windows to air the place, turning on/off lights at night, opening and closing of curtains. If there are certain rooms you don't want the sitter to go in, please be sure and point this out.
  • What day do bins go out
  • You will let me know what room I sleep in
  • If you want me to do light gardening work, mow the lawn, sweep driveway etc. I will need shed keys if you have a lawnmower etc. Keeping the garden tidy helps deter potential burglars as it doesn't look like the house is empty
You have probably booked a trip well in advance, and have plenty of time to prepare for hiring a pet sitter. But sometimes emergencies, or spur of the moment trips come up and you need a pet sitter immediately. At House Sitters Ireland I can often accommodate a last minute booking. I keep the calendar as up to date as I can, and will respond to your request within a few hours (usually less).
  • List of your requirements (which we go through)
  • Keys and alarm code
    • Spare key location or contact with one
  • Car space and your WiFi password!