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We are currently closed for 2020 bookings but will post as soon as spots are open again.

Leave Your Pets In Their Own Home While You're On Holiday

Don't stress your furry ones by putting them in kennels, leave them at home with everything they are used to.

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Unfortunately we are currently closed for 2020 bookings.

House Sitting Ireland is a pet and/or house sitting service currently offering sits in Dublin and North Wicklow. When you go on holiday, or whenever you need to be away and your house is empty, you can choose to have it safely occupied, and if you have animals, then they can be cared for in the comfort of their own home rather than go in kennels. Have a browse of the website and please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to make a booking.

Stress Free Pets

Kennels can be stressful for your pets. Let them stay where they know – their own bed, their own garden, their own food, their own toys, their own house – where they will get lots of attention, and lots of cuddles.

Activity In Your Home

Don’t leave your home empty for your holidays. Lights on at night-time, bins in/out, curtains opened/closed, no mail build-up and your plants watered. And if needed your cars turned over so you don’t come back to a flat battery.

Strees Free Holiday

Your pets are happy being where they are used to, your home is in safe hands with daily activity and someone there every night, leaving you to think of nothing but enjoying your holidays.

Happy Home

Come back to happy pets that don’t need collecting from the kennels, an aired and ordered house, cars that will start, and, if required, some groceries in the fridge.

Some of my sits




house-sitting pet-sitting

Dali the black lab



house-sitting pet-sitting


house-sitting pet-sitting



Bane and Sherlock

house-sitting pet-sitting


house-sitting pet-sitting



Fibonacci and Harley


Weimaraner Puppies

house-sitting pet-sitting

Orphaned Lambs

house-sitting pet-sitting

'Meet and Greet' to make sure your animals are happy with me

Why House Sitting Ireland?

Reliable, pet loving, professional

Reliable, with a love for pets. A non-smoker, non-drinker, vegetarian. Your home will be treated like my own and you will come back to it just the way you left it. Your pets will be waiting for you, having had a great time in their own home, with no trips for you to pick them up on your return.

And whether you’ve pets or not, your house will be safe in my hands with everything kept in order, and nothing needing to be done when you arrive home. You can just sit back and relax after your trip back.

What our costumers say

About Your Sitter

At the moment House Sitting Ireland is just me Shay. I’ve been around pets since I was born, for my first three years Kim in the photo was my brother, then my actually brother came along and ruined it all 😉

A number of years ago I started house and/or pet sitting for friends, ranging from a weekend to nine months! As a self employed IT consultant and photographer, it allows me be flexible with my time.

House Sits

Dogs Walked

Cats Fed